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( fermentor, fermenter, cell culture, cellculture, bioreactor, bioreacter, solid state fermentation, liquid state fermentation, sterile equipment )
Fast Hunban two or more powder formulations mixed (both crushing large pieces clumps effects).
Cooking / sterilization Sanitary design concept, can be heated the SIP 121 ~ 123 ℃ sterilized, and reduce the number of bacteria or kill the excipients (solid carrier) on the eggs or spores.
Inoculation can be continuous or intermittent, large flow nozzle mist (atomization state adjustable) broth powder sprayed evenly mixed.
Inoculation (Can use with mobile vaccination slots for bacterial refrigerated the homogeneous - truncated hyphae or mixed complex bacteria.) Inoculation (liquid) ratio of 1:10 to 1:3
(The higher the ratio of mixed bacteria doubles as a concentrated use).
Solid-State Fermentation Train a large number of solid-state fermentation with auto wet, temperature control and automatically turning mixing (governor or intermittent), default computer program for solid-state industrial grade