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Laboratory Desk-Type Jar Microbial Culture Equipment (Autoclavable)
Desktop microbial culture device(fermenter)


  • Temperature Control Display
  • Anti-Foam Control
  • Speed Control Display
  • Feed Control
  • pH Control Display
  • Culture Conditions 50 Steps Control
  • DO Control Display
  • Air Control Display
  • The lightest and the smallest in other same models(fermenter).
  • The multi-purpose design of vessel,optional function in one fermenter.
  • The patent agitate system,effectively enhance the value of OTR
  • Optional accessories-O2 rich,Second Gas,CO2 analysis,continuous culture,extra peristalsis pump,automatically sampling,etc...

PolyGerm 1000

PolyGerm Bioreactor/ Fermentor is the best desk-type microorganism culture device made by MGT.
It combines tank body, workbench, controller and peristaltic pump all in one.
Space-saving mixing system patented design which can provide the best capacity effectively.
Microorganism, animal and plant cell culture suit for R&D use for research laboratory.
  • Mixing system patented design can maximize DO control optimization during high density culturing.
  • Can be used with Oxygen Enrichment Device and Multiple Gas Device to achieve cell culture multiple gas mixing control.
  • According to different application to choose tank body to achieve a multi-functional machine (experimental use).
  • The lightest weight with minimized size in other the same fermenter models.
  • Patented chassis thermal loop interchange design to provide the best temp. control.
  • Built-in four peristaltic pumps (free function assigned) and peristaltic pump expandable up to three.
  • USB interface transfer : Two USB ports for easily saving online data to an external flash drive to make forms and analyze data, save monitoring computer costs.
  • 8”TFT-Touch Screen Full Color Human-Machine Interaction, Dynamic 3D icon screen, panel membrane can be easily replaced.
  • Program(50 steps) Setting: Can easily set the culture conditions and time. 20 groups of storage (Save) and download (Load) functions total, each group of 50-step sequence set.
  • The parametic proportional integral control to achieve the best control.
  • Sanitary Stainless Steel Condenser: Easily take apart (without tools) to facilitate cleaning.
  • The fermenter can connect with Downstream Online Concentrate Equipment : Get high consistency product online.
  • The fermenter can connect with mask system to execute plant cell culture.
  • The fermenter can connect with Exhaust Gas Analyzer to execute exhaust gas analyzing and monitoring online.
Total Vol. Max Working Vol. Min Working Vol.  Fermenter Size
High O.D.
5L 3.5L 0.5L 450mm
(with condenser)
7.5L 5.3L 0.7L 540mm
(with condenser)
10L 7L 1L 570mm
(with condenser)