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MGT-SCV150 Automatic Animal Cell Culture Equipment


(  cell culture,fermentor, fermenter, cellculture,  bioreactor, bioreacter, solid state fermentation, liquid state fermentation, sterile equipment  )

MGT-SCV150Automatic Computer-Controlled Animal Cell Culture Equipment

(150L, Sterilization-In-Place)

Nominal Volume: 150L , Total Volume:126L
Working Volume: 37.5~120L ( no blind spot tank design.)
Design Pressure and Material: Inner Tank 40psi(SUS316L) , Jacket 50psi(SUS304)
Manufacture License: CNS Pressure Vessel License
Surface Preprocedure: Inner tank contact surface (containing welding) Mechanical Manual Polishing #400+EP(Ra≦0.38)
outer tank surface (containing welding) Mechanical Manual Polishing#300+EP(Ra≦0.5)
Note:EP:Electro Polishing, MP:Mechanical Polishing
Stirring Power: Servo Motor Reducer, 1-1/4Hp , rpm6~60
Transmission Unit: Enhanced High Resistance Torque Bearing Transmission Unit and Transmission Bracket ( SUS304+ Surface EP Processing).
Stirring Unit:  Segment blade impeller(SUS316L+MP+EP)x1
 Mixing blade(SUS316L)x1
Automatic Lifting Unit: Automatic Tank Cover Lifting to Facilitate Tank Cleaning (with security device)
Mean tube-The top:

Φ16 port, inoculation port, Φ25 port, electrodes port, etc…

CIP port, sanitary no-neck clamp reserve port(1-1/2")x3, Sanitary no-neck clamp diaphragm pressure gauge port (1-1/2"), exhaust port(1-1/2"), Rupture disc relief port (IMI Marston)

Vessel:exhaust, lighting, Φ25 electrodes port, sampling portO.D.12(MGT), window( 3"), sterilized quick release air port,no-neck sanitary clamp feeding port O.D.12x3

Jacket:Cooling water exits, manometer port, safe valve


Lamp,bottom valve(Burket ), sanitary diaphragm speed sensor, speeding Tubing pump x3, exhaust control valve(SUS316L,Burket), stainless steel pressure gauge(Massflow: Burket) 0.03-30 slpm

stainless steel safe valve, Spirax drainer BTM-7x9.
0.2M2 condenser

Piping Unit:

a. Utility Piping (SUS304TP,EP)(Sanitary clamp Ferrule) steam pipe 1/2", cooling water1/2", ice water pipe1/2", draining pipe 1".

b. Gas Piping (Air、N2、O2、CO2) 4 gas (with Burket     pneumatic On/Off diaphragm valve) piping Φ12, exhaust pipe 1"(SUS316L sanitary pipe,inside polishing#400+EP.)

c. Medicine or Product Piping (SUS316L Sanitary quick release pipe clamp.

Auto Control:

Stainless steel box,12.1" TFT LCD

PLC control, dynamic monitoring, parameter setting,

online monitoring, program(50step,7 control item)

pH、DO correction(touch panel)
Auto SIP 
stirring : 10~100 RPM (±1rpm)(stepless speeding)、
pH :0.00~14.00 PH (±0.05) (PID) 、
DO :0.0~200.0% (±1%) (PID)
DO CASCADE strategy (linking stirring ventilation control) 

Attachment and Document:

material certificate, Production Control Table, Welding record, 

Operation manual, Equipment outline chart, P&ID chart, outlay chart,

Electrical loop chart, 3Q...etc. 

Maintain tools x 1